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sweet, i moved. [January 11th, 2008]

[October 1st, 2007]

i want you to do this. you can be anonymoose about it if you want.

1. name no more than 4 people that make you happy.
2. something you are ashamed of
3. one song that makes you feel (almost) perfect
4. one moment that makes you feel (almost) perfect
5. something youve wanted to let out
6. something everyone should know about you
7. something no one knows about you because your afraid theyll think badly of you.
8. something beautiful
9. something you love to do and how often youre able to do it

*i didnt like the last question so i deleted it

now for the rest of my entry (which will probably be somewhere between short and non-existant)
 there are 3 boys who want to kiss me. where is the boy who I want to kiss? i know where he is and i know im nowhere near there. i cant believe its only monday. actually i can, im fine with it being monday. i DO wish it was later in the week but today feels like a monday which makes it okay.today i spent my first period in the auditorium watching hotel rwanda but right as something amazing was about to happen the bell rang and we (i) couldnt finish it. im going back there tomorrow, but during 5th period and i bet it wont be the same movie and even if it is it wont be the same part. i finished my dragon and book piece for ceramics and now im going to start on either 
a) human heart
b) lucky charms rainbow
c) octopus and jellyfish
this weekend is going to be good! i can just feel it (i cant feel anything but i know it will be because ill be with my best friend and she makes everything good no matter what it is) just like last weekend was good.
i dont know what else to write because i have no thoughts anymore. im wirting in my normal journal again because i realized i wanted to write down in words what i did last weekend but i cant because of YOU, so i decided to write my secrets in there. 

PS. i really hate this girl, haha. she just really doesnt settle well with me. she is fucking ugly but in a way that makes her cute and i hate that. i hate that she has amazing friends and the love of someone i love. i didnt think i hated anyone but let me go change those survey answers because I HATE HER. 

i really like being immature.
it suits me.
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new livejournal [June 2nd, 2006]

post a picture of something you think will make me smile.
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